About Us

Be proud of your coffee – We are here to provide the best experience.

We are a UK-based specialized coffee-machinery online store with a certain goal: to deliver you a barista-style coffee-making experience.

A coffee machine is an excellent investment with many benefits. Whether in a busy working week or during a lazy weekend, our wide range of coffee appliances will ideally meet your needs.


We have tested, reviewed, and rated the world’s leading coffee machines. From pod to filter coffee machines, automatic bean-to-cup, or espresso machines: we will guide you to choose the best coffee appliances for your needs, lifestyle, and budget.


The time we have spent and knowledge gained about any single coffee appliance will be your best guide. We consider any important detail for you: time, convenience, budget, space, design, coffee type, brand, and more. 

Each coffee appliance has unique features and performance benefits. We will help to find an excellent match between the best product and your needs. 

What We Promise 

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality coffee appliances from the best brands directly to your door. We will help to make coffee at home that hits the spot. Not all coffee machines are created equal: whether you need a barista-approved appliance or a budget-friendly coffee maker, you will find the best option to make coffee at home easily.

Don’t you know how to make coffee for your palate and pocket? – We know! We will help to get wow-factor moments and an incredible coffee-making experience.