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The Guide to Making Perfect Espresso

Making Perfect Espresso

Millions of people worldwide start a day with a cup of coffee. Global coffee consumption shows that coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. Statistics show that in 2020-2021 the use of coffee reached 166.63 million 60-kilogram bags worldwide. These numbers are continuously growing.

The coffee preferences differ. Some like to drink a cup of the perfect espresso, the others prefer a latte, cappuccino, or other coffee drinks. The methods of preparing coffee plays a huge role in the final result: let’s see that an automatic coffee brewer makes completely different coffee from a manual coffee machine. On the other hand, Aeropress or Moka Pot brews completely different coffee compared to coffee machines. 

Coffee types and Espresso: What do People Drink?

Have a look at the statistics, and you will see that millions of people search methods on how to make espresso at home. Starting from the 1950s, the consumption of espresso drinks has become popular globally and impressed coffee lovers. The preferences for making coffee machines differ: some choose manual methods, and others prefer to buy a coffee machine and make the espresso faster. Check out CoffeeMachinePro to decide which coffee machine to buy for a perfect espresso.

With a wide range of types of coffee, most people give a preference to espresso. Today’s requirements are different. People give more attention to the taste of coffee and aesthetics. Have a look at the tutorials on the YouTube channel, and searches on Google about espresso! What people search for most is: how to pull a perfect espresso shot?  What are the tools for making espresso coffee? How to make espresso?  All these show that there is a high demand for espresso worldwide.

The Benefits of Espresso

It is not an accident that people want to learn how to make espresso, as this wonderful coffee drink guarantees many health benefits. While there is stereotypical thinking that coffee is bad for health, It is about when you overuse espresso. When you overdose on caffeine, you meet the risks of facing health issues. Based on Healthline, about 150-160 shots of espresso can cause death.

While the proper amount will allow you to enjoy your perfect espresso shot and boost your immune system, get antioxidants, and reduce the risks of a bunch of health issues. What other benefits will you get?

  • Improved memory
  • Good concentration
  • Productivity
  • Improved digestion
  • Easier weight loss.

It is just a little part of espresso’s incredible benefits.

How to Make Espresso at Home

Millions of people search for different methods to prepare a cup of espresso. The methods of preparing this unique drink vary. Each method brings a different taste and experience. When making espresso with an automatic coffee machine, you will just need to get basic knowledge about the features and learn how to use the espresso machine. Manual solutions require some skills and knowledge about the preparation secrets. 

Well, there are a lot of things to learn for making a perfect cup of espresso drink. We have made a list of important points that will help to get your barista-style drink in simple steps:

  1. Select High-quality Coffee 

To get a perfect taste for espresso coffee and ensure sour, funky, and tart espresso, you should pay attention to the coffee quality. Find high-quality and freshly roasted beans, as they will not only impact the taste but also make better crema, due to the bean oils in the coffee. As mentioned above, espresso provides a lot of health benefits. This is however about high-quality espresso. Hence, to enjoy a perfect cup of drink and get all the health benefits, you should shop for the highest-quality coffee you can find.

  1. Choose the Best Grind Size

Different coffee machines provide distinct grind sizes for espresso, that is why having control over your coffee grind is crucial. Size matters for the taste, that’s why it is crucial to get the grind size right. Controlling the grind size will help to improve your espresso experience. Don’t ignore the grind when making espresso. Ask any barista, and you will learn that the size of coffee beans should go well with the type of coffee you brew.

  1. Pick the Right Dose

You will find distinct recipes of espresso that offer different doses. Some advise using between 14 and 24 grams of coffee, others 18 grams, or less. To brew a good cup of espresso, it is better to choose the dose considering the basket size, and how much coffee you want to add. When making your coffee with a coffee brewer, make sure to follow the instructions of the brand. For instance, Delonghi machines require  5-9 grams of coffee for a double espresso, while in most of the Melitta brewers you can use 6–8 grams for each shot.

  1. Decide on the Preferred Brewing Method

You may have heard of the magic of brewing on the taste of espresso. Some people find it a special skill, others describe the process of making a cup of espresso as an art. When looking at how a professional barista makes it, you will see both.

The brewing method has a direct impact on the taste. If you want to participate in the process of brewing your espresso, you should research and find the best tools for a manual brew. On the other hand, automatic brewers can do it in a few minutes, however, not all of them create a unique experience that manual brewers do.

  1. Use High-quality Equipment

To enjoy longevity and a wide range of benefits of your coffee brew, it is critically important to compare and find the best espresso machine, which shares the features that meet your expectations. 

One of the benefits that a good coffee maker and tools can bring is convenience and the ability to brew high-quality coffee. The market is full of different poor coffee brewers and espresso tools. Find a specialised store that will show all the benefits of the espresso equipment and help you choose the right.

  1. Customise your Drink

Most people prefer manual espresso-making methods as it helps to customise the brew. However, today you will find advanced espresso brewers that allow customising your brew with advanced features, and get the same perfect espresso exactly the way you want it. Personalising your coffee brings a different experience and is an important factor for a lot of people, according to different surveys. That’s one of the reasons people choose the same commercial operation they use to buy to ensure they will cover their needs.

  1. Clean Portafilter or Equipment

No matter if you use manual or automatic methods for your espresso brew, you should give strong attention to cleaning the machine, portafilter, or grinder. It is the number one point for a rich and delicious taste of espresso. A dirty portafilter and basket can cause your coffee to taste and smell bitter. Each coffee brewer and equipment come with a cleaning guide, how to learn how to clean the portafilter between shots, or your coffee brewer, without damaging it. Some automatic coffee brewers have a self-clean function. 

  1. Think about the Time

Brewing your perfect cup of espresso manually is a great pleasure for some people, as it gives them 100% personalisation and allows them to feel their own barista. However, the process of brewing espresso can take a lot of time and create a mess around. This is not convenient, especially for people who are in such, though want to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of espresso drink. If you have time, manual methods can be a choice.

  1. Water Quality

You will find a lot of research and studies on the impact of water on a coffee brew. The truth is that water quality matters a lot and results in taste and smell. Some research finds that it is because of the chemical makeup of the water. 

To ensure a perfect brew, professionals recommend using filtered water that does not contain any odours or flavours which can impact the taste.

  1. Temperature

If you brew your espresso manually, you should not ignore the impact of the water temperature on its taste. Make sure to brew your perfect cup of espresso at 90-96°C, as it directly impacts the extraction. If you do not follow the brewing techniques, you can get a good coffee drink, but not espresso. Avoid a higher temperature, as it can cause a poor drink, increased body, sweetness, and more. On the other hand, cooler water can cause the opposite.


Preparing espresso requires pressure, which is one of the reasons to choose a coffee machine. If you are looking for a simple method, but want to have your personal touch in your coffee, manual coffee machines will be a perfect choice. While if you want to use it in the office, save time, or avoid extra mess, you can pick an automatic option. Regardless of which coffee machine you choose, it is important to get it from a trusted store.

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