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AEG KKE994500M


£ 1799.00

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Guarantee: 24 months
Guarantee: 24 months

Smeg Linea CMS4104N


Պատրաստման եղանակը



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Guarantee: 24 months

Smeg Classic CMS4303X


£ 2169.00

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Understanding the high market demand, we do our best to deliver you the best high-end integrated coffee machines from the world’s leading brands. So check out our amazing selection, and you will see that each of our coffee machines will add another value to your kitchen’s overall style and design. 

Our amazing selection of built-in coffee machines is ideal for your kitchen, as we do everything to deliver you the best and save your time. The simple installation process will keep you away from any challenges. Besides, all of our appliances are built-in, made of high-quality materials and ensure the convenient making of authentic espresso and coffee-based beverages.

Well, you may think what is special in this coffee-based appliance, don’t you? But, of course, each manual or automatic coffee machine has something that makes them unique. They may even differ within the brands with their features.

With built-in coffee machines, you will get not only the unique and integrated coffee-making solution but also an amazingly designed appliance that will make your kitchen different.  Make sure to get a hassle-free coffee brewing method that will promise the best experience. The same coffee beans can smell differently based on the process of making coffee drinks.

Moreover, what makes this fantastic appliance different is the convenience to adjust to the size of the cup you use. Unlike most semi-automatic or manual coffee machines, a built-in coffee maker does not require skills and efforts to make a perfect cup of coffee. Just one or two presses of a button are enough to say that your ideal beverage is ready. It is high time to keep pace with technological innovations and stop the tiresome process of making coffee. Save your time for something special.

Let us improve your coffee routine with our best brands’ built-in coffee machines. Get one from our amazing selection, which will not only provide easy-to-use solutions but also greatly redecorate your kitchen. In addition, our unique, fancy-looking appliances can become a valuable solution in many terms.

Are you still wondering why you need it?

As a coffee lover, you may enjoy barista-quality coffee. There is no need to go to cafes or spend money to study coffee-making techniques. Just order one from our shop and experience various flavours from the comfort of your kitchen.