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Barista & Co

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Baratza Encore

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Rancilio Rocky SD

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Wilfa Uniform


Պատրաստման եղանակը



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Baratza Vario

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Baratza Sette 270

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Wilfa Svart Precision

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Baratza Virtuoso


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Hario V60


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KG521.M Dedica


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Flat Burr coffee grinders are excellent and practical solutions for using them at home. Due to their small size, they are easy to use, however, they may be comparably slower. If you want to spend less then you can choose it for your everyday use.

Conical Burr grinders are much faster and will grind much more coffee at a time. Such grinders are common for commercial use as they are larger. Be ready to pay a little more compared to flat burr grinders, as they are more expensive. 

Passing between two burrs, your coffee will come to an ideal size and be ready to brew. These coffee grinders have an impact on coffee quality. Another important point to consider is the material of burrs. There will be many options, however, the most common types are steel and ceramic burr options. Both of them provide excellent grinding technology. You can choose based on your budget (ceramic-based burr grinders are cheaper) and preferences. Check out the amazing list to easily decide. Seek other options? Click here.