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Hario Column Coffee Grinder


£ 33.33

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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus Hand Grinder (MSCS-2DTB)

Original price was: £75.Current price is: £58.

£ 75.45

£ 58.23

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Tiamo Hand Grinder Slim Black 25Gr


£ 20.99

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Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Grinder – Red Sonja


£ 265.55

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Hario Olive Wood Coffee Grinder


£ 95.99

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Hario Skerton Pro Ceramic Coffee Grinder


£ 53.99

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Grindripper Large


£ 39.99

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Timemore C2 Manual Grinder


Պատրաստման եղանակը



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Hario Prism Coffee Grinder – Silver


£ 68.99

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Hario Smart-G Coffee Grinder (Grey)


£ 46.99

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Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Grinder – Cobalt


£ 265.55

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Timemore Chestnut (Black) Manual Grinder


£ 155.99

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Hario Mini-Slim Pro Grinder (Black)

Original price was: £49.Current price is: £38.

£ 48.75

£ 37.91

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Rhinowares Mini Hand Grinder With Aeropress Adapter

Original price was: £36.Current price is: £29.

£ 35.91

£ 29.00

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There is a misunderstanding that drinking barista-style coffee requires much budget. You will always find an alternative that is more affordable though will provide the desired results. Instead of an electric coffee grinder, you can choose a manual grinder at a lower price and add maximum consistency, freshness, and aroma to your everyday coffee. There are amazing models which are both practical and easy to clean and will grind your coffee with a minimum mess.

Taking a manual grinder does not mainly mean saving money at the buying moment. It provides an amazing coffee-brewing experience and is great to take with you anywhere you want. Your fresh and quality coffee will be with you everywhere you want: no matter whether you are on a business trip or holiday. Why not have it on the road instead of drinking poor-quality coffee?

What is more, some of you enjoy the coffee brewing process and want to be involved in the process with minimum interaction of advanced technologies. Sometimes it is great and it promises the best experience to focus on something different and enjoyable for you. Besides, you will not bother anyone with the sound and will enjoy a fresh and excellent cup of coffee at a good cost of the role-playing appliance. Learn also about electric coffee grinders.