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Marco Ottomatic Coffee Maker

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Chemex Classic Coffee Maker


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Brew Better Coffee With Chemex

Unsure which is the best coffee brewer?

Let’s Discover.

Coffee enthusiasts will claim that Chemex coffee brings the best experience. If you want to brew good-tasting coffee manually and enjoy your brew, choose Chemex! Being around since 1941, these branded coffee makers remain one of the best in the world. Find the best size for your needs and experience the most unique brewing method. What is the secret behind the good taste of your coffee? – It has a unique shape, high-quality glass, and advanced filter. Ensure to feel the real taste of your most favourite coffee. Due to their material, the coffee makers do not absorb any odour and flavours, which allows enjoying the purity of your coffee. 

From Coffee enthusiasts to Beginners: Chemex Suits Anyone

Every lover of good quality coffee Loves Chemex! Regardless of whether you own an advanced automatic coffee machine, or you are keen on the manual brew, you can buy this unique coffee maker for a clean and bright coffee. While automatic coffee makers promise barista-quality coffee with a touch of a button, this manual brewing method brings a personalised touch to your cup. 

If you want your coffee to taste great, buy Chemex coffee makers. As a result, the same coffee beans may taste differently based on the brewing method. Don’t skip the important step for a great brewing. 

Using Chemex is Easy: Just Follow the Instructions

Manual coffee-brewing can be exciting if you have the best coffee maker! What do you need for your ideal coffee brew? – a kettle, a coffee grinder, and a scale. The process is easy and does not require barista experience. What are your steps?

  1. Heat the desired water quantity
  2. Open a Chemex filter into a cone shape (one side of the cone with three layers) and place the filter open your coffee maker. 
  3. Grind your coffee beans 
  4. Pre-wet the filter with hot water and add the coffee grounds. Make sure to pour as much as to cover the grounds.
  5. After 30 seconds for the gas, slowly pour more water.
  6. After the flow of coffee stops, remove the filter and enjoy! 

The process is easy, though it takes time because of the restricted flow. After drinking Chemex coffee, you can make sure that it is worth waiting for a little. It promises the most unique coffee experience.  Get your amazing coffee maker from our store. Find any model you want with available sizes from 3-cups to 10-cups. Have questions? – Contact us and we will cover all of them!