Service and Repairs Policy

The service and repair policy in CoffeeMachinePro may vary by brand and model. However, you can get your coffee appliance repaired or replaced by any part over the product’s standard warranty period.

The coffee machines and appliances may not be covered in our warranty if the problem occurs without keeping the instruction manual.

The service and repair will be free of charge if faulty material, defective components, or manufacturing defects.

The company will not cover the service and repair fee if an unauthorized service agent repairs it. For this, it is essential to inform us about the defect immediately.


  • Improper usage
  • Lack of cleaning and maintenance
  • Improper Installation
  • A repair by an unauthorised person

Our customer-centric approach ensures careful consideration of any issue. After the approval of the issue, our technicians will fix it at a reasonable time. Please contact us to learn more about the service centres.