Terms and Conditions

CoffeeMachinePro is an online platform that helps you to make the right selection of coffee-based appliances from the most reliable brands, considering your needs and demands.

Our company reserves the right to make changes to the website, update policies or terms and conditions at any time.

Below you can get information about the general terms and conditions of using www.coffeemachinepro.co.uk

CoffeeMachinePro is responsible for keeping the confidentiality of customer data protection, providing it exclusively for the delivery, and strictly follows all the rules of Data Protection UK

After receiving your order, the CoffeeMachinePro immediately takes action for its timely fulfilment.

Our return and exchange rules and policies related to return are not subject to change. Please read our company rules in detail before confirming your order:

Any of the appliances purchased from CoffeeMachinePro are subject to return and exchange if it does not match the product description of the website or/and for some other reason that the consumer does not like it.

Customers can exchange or return the appliance within 14 days from the moment of delivery (check out the return policy).

If the company did not deliver the proper item, then the delivery amount is not payable by the customer upon return. In all other cases, the customer is obliged to pay the delivery service cost.

Exchanging the items is possible if the original product appearance is kept, except in cases when there is a violation of the norms or/and quality discrepancy.

The company is responsible for the delivery process to be done properly and on time, except for delays for technical reasons.

CoffeeMachinePro protects the consumer’s rights and interests and delivers products only by the product price and quality. The company is responsible for providing all the mentioned conditions as well as delivery times, except for some individual cases when it is not dependent on the company: (Government decision on traffic restrictions, road closures, etc.).

In any event of having any trouble with your purchase or complaints, please get in touch with the support team. Our customer-centric approach ensures we give fast solutions to your problem. All the complaints are dealt with based on the UK’s law.

We use cookies to make more personal, convenient website visits. We guarantee to secure your information, although you can turn off cookies.

We guarantee your information is safe and not shared with a third party, excluding cases when delivering your products.

CoffeeMachinePro uses different payment methods, ensuring the highest level of compliance and following security standards.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, please visit our contact us page.